Our Services

Our Services

Through many years spent finding, acquiring, and processing data from many countries and in many languages, we’ve gained vast experience at providing usable data to government agencies and companies worldwide. Our data services include bulk licensing of standard data packages and the acquisition of unique data specifically for your business needs.

Bulk Data Licensing

Apriori offers international data to many clients in bulk form for in-house use in various legally allowed activities, such as age and identity verification. We service a variety of industries, including finance, E-commerce, gaming, and government watch lists.
Other clients use our data in conjunction with their own API services and resell the data to their own customers on a per-transaction basis. Letting our experts focus on the nuts and bolts of data acquisition and preparation lets your experts focus on delivering quality products and value-added services to your customers.
Our data offerings are typically updated on a regular schedule and clients are notified via automatic messages when new data becomes available. You’re assured of having access to the freshest possible data as quickly as possible.
An example of how data updates work is our recent acquisition of the India Voter Registration Roll. It contains over 1 billion records in 14 languages gathered from all 29 states and 7 Union Territories. The database is updated annually (twice a year for some jurisdictions) with new, cleansed entries and licensees are contacted immediately upon release of the revised database.

International Data Acquisition

We have many years of experience in acquiring national and international databases from a multitude of sources such as voter files, driver and motor vehicle records, citizenship rolls, and many others. Our focus is on acquiring proven, Government-Issued ID datasets that stand out in comparison to private data sources.
The Apriori team is responsible for acquisition of over 2 billion records each year from over one hundred countries. We acquire and process data in multiple languages using in-country experts to help us better understand, process, and enhance the data.
Whether you need data from West Bengal or from the suburbs of Moscow, we have the experience and capability to deliver it to you when you need it most.

Data Processing, Enhancement, and Transliteration

We are using proprietary algorithms to clean, standardize, and enhance customers’ data. Our data enhancement tools allow adding and correcting crucial data elements in many languages and for many countries.
In addition to standardizing raw source data, we can significantly enhance the data by adding various data elements based on other data sources. We utilize Postal, Census, Geographical and other available public and government records to add value to your data.
We also offer transliteration services. To ensure the most accurate data rendition possible, we apply machine transliteration algorithms custom built using our extensive background in linguistics and the expertise of in-country language specialists who are native speakers. We can convert all non-English source data into Roman characters by applying our custom linguistic rules and language exceptions.