Apriori is an international data aggregator

Apriori is an international company


Apriori is an international data aggregator with special expertise in finding, acquiring, and processing government issued ID data from many countries and languages.


We acquire ID and other large sets of data from verified and reliable sources and make this data suitable for use by government agencies and leading companies worldwide.


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Through many years


Through many years spent finding, acquiring, and processing data from many countries and in many languages, we’ve gained vast experience at providing usable data to government agencies and companies worldwide.


Our data services include bulk licensing of standard data packages and the acquisition of unique data specifically for your business needs.


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2 billion records

We acquire, process, and enhance close to 2 billion records internationally every year in dozens of languages and hundreds of formats. Apriori supplies data for a wide variety of legal purposes, such as age and identity verification for banking, E-commerce, and government functions.

Igor Kyrylenko




Igor has over 15 years of overall data-related experience in the IT industry. He leads Apriori that specializes in Big data acquisition, processing, enhancement and utilization. Prior to Apriori, Igor worked for a prominent Silicon Valley start-up in a Global Data Development capacity and for a leading political consulting company in Washington, DC. Igor has a Master’s Degree from the University of Akron.