Our Team

billions of records
millions of files
hundreds of formats
dozens of languages

We have many years of experience

We provide modern data and software solutions to our clients, bringing together the best experts and using the best software available. Apriori utilizes the latest technology and relies on its team’s expertise to develop tools that address current data-related challenges.

We understand industries’ needs to automatically acquire, process and analyze Billions of records in the shortest amount of time and consistently deliver accurate and reliable results. In the past 15 years the team spearheaded the conversions of billions of records from hundreds of sources and formats, routinely writing complicated software code for data extractions, processing, task automation, and custom software development.

We combine computer technology with geographic, cultural and linguistic rules to accurately understand, parse, and enhance the data. Our focus has always been on hard-to-get data that is available in other than Roman characters, such as Cyrillic or India’s Devanagari scripts.

Our Team

Igor Kyrylenko


Igor has over 15 years of overall data-related experience in the IT industry. He leads Apriori that specializes in Big data acquisition, processing, enhancement and utilization. Prior to Apriori, Igor worked for a prominent Silicon Valley start-up in a Global Data Development capacity and for a leading political consulting company in Washington, DC. Igor has a Master’s Degree from the University of Akron.
Taras Sitaylo
Team Leader/Senior Lead Developer


Taras has over 15 year of software development and database programming.
His current position with Apriori is Team Lead and Software Architect.
Prior to Apriori, Taras held a position of Team Lead with Aristotle International, Inc. for 6 years where he managed a team of software and database programmers.
OIeg Shevel
Software programmer
Oleg has over 15 years of Software development experience with a focus on research, analysis, stress testing and software performance management. Oleg’s work for Apriori allows him to demonstrate his solid skills in application development, testing and in research of no-SQL database options.