Bulk Data Licensing

Apriori offers international data to many clients in bulk form for in-house use in various legally allowed activities, such as age and identity verification. We service a variety of industries, including finance, E-commerce, gaming, and government watch lists.

Other clients use our data in conjunction with their own API services and resell the data to their own customers on a per-transaction basis. Letting our experts focus on the nuts and bolts of data acquisition and preparation lets your experts focus on delivering quality products and value-added services to your customers.

Our data offerings are typically updated on a regular schedule and clients are notified via automatic messages when new data becomes available. You’re assured of having access to the freshest possible data as quickly as possible.

An example of how data updates work is our recent acquisition of the India Voter Registration Roll. It contains over 1 billion records in 14 languages gathered from all 29 states and 7 Union Territories. The database is updated annually (twice a year for some jurisdictions) with new, cleansed entries and licensees are contacted immediately upon release of the revised database.