Apriori International ID Verification

Apriori International ID Verification

October 17, 2016 8:58 PM

Credit bureaus, financial institutions, marketers, and others can gain access to government-issued identification records on nearly 2 billion consumers through data aggregator Apriori. The company, which was formed two years ago, focuses on obtaining and processing data from emerging markets. It has obtained all records available on every registered voter 18 years and older in India. Nearly 900 million records are available. All data, which comes directly from the India Electoral Authority in each state and territory, has been parsed and cleansed.

Apriori uses machine transliteration algorithms to convert non-Roman characters in 14 local languages in India, as well as the Cyrillic languages of Eastern Europe including Russian and Ukrainian. It also uses in-country language specialists to help understand the language rules behind the data.
For markets outside India, data comes from voter files, motor vehicle records, citizenship rolls, and other government sources.

Apriori offers data in bulk for in-house use for age and identity verification where legally permitted. Clients can also use the data in their own application programming interfaces, and can resell it on a per-transaction basis. Licensees receive immediate notice when databases are updated.

Igor Kyrylenko is President at Apriori Data in Washington, D.C., (202) 779- 7000, ikyrylenko@aprioridata.com, www.aprioridata.com.

Source: Nilson Report
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